Captain! We're running on fumes, here! We're out of fuel and we haven't even reached the pickup point yet. If the backup power for the tractor beam holds, we may be able to complete our deliveries, but we'd be endangering the lives of everyone on this vessel...

Is whatever's in those boxes really worth all that?

StarLink Xpress is a time-trial physics game about a space-faring delivery company made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 45. Use your tractor beam to zip and glide past asteroids and make all of your deliveries on time!


Pick up packages at stations and deliver them to homes. Don't let the time run out, and don't take too many hits.


  • Left Mouse - Fire tractor beam
  • R - Restart the current level
  • Esc - Exit to main menu


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Morrillet's games are so unique in the way one has to navigate and move around in space.  Takes getting used to, and I found myself switching between using the mouse pad (on laptop) or using the touch screen - both work well, but I still ended up floating around in space because I flung myself using the tractor beams in this game. Still getting a hang of it.   In a previous game by Morrillet, the one with seahorses (Called Methhorse),  it was similar (but totally opposite). All in all, simple concepts, but hard to master.  Bravo!