Hello World! (First Post)

Hello shoppers, and welcome to the first devlog post for CartFight!

Since this is the first post, and much of the heavy lifting has been finished already, I figured it’d be best to give you all some background.

CartFight is a local multiplayer party game with some classic arcade flair. At the core of the game is picking up items and, the more difficult part, holding on to them. Players earn points every few seconds based on how many items they’re carrying, so having the most items is the way to win. Watch out, though, because when you’re in the lead, you’re the target. Other players can kill you for the goods you’ve collected, so use that cart like a shield and hold them at bay. You can also throw your cart if you’re feeling bold, but your items will go with it, so be sure it’s worth the risk (it almost always is, for that sweet skill-shot).

When I started working on CartFIght, I wanted to make something easy to learn and easily accessible, and I think I’ve achieved this. While CartFight boasts full gamepad support, you can still play with up to three players on one keyboard, which makes it easy to fit an impromptu match in with a couple friends. It’s also fairly easy to pick up and play, but you can quickly ramp up the difficulty by trying to skill-shot people from across the stage with your cart. I’ve been working on CartFight for several months now, and it’s getting really close to being done. I plan to release it sometime early this year (2018) but I haven’t hammered out the exact date just yet. I’ll be sure to post it when I know. Until then…

Good luck and happy shopping,
 Ethan Morrill-Ploum, @morrilet

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